Hello! I'm PixelPasta!

Trying to Code Solutions to non-existent problems...


About Me:

I am a hobby programmer looking to pursure full-stack web development. I have been building up on my skills since 2020, and have experience using Javascript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS for scripting and front-end design. I am currently expanding my knowledge by learning the Next.js framework, Lua for creating Roblox games, Java for Minecraft mod development, and Blender for 3D design. Additionally, I am actively learning to create music using FL Studio. I am also a blogger, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. In my free time, I am an avid anime fan with romance on my watchlist. I also enjoy playing games and always strive to improve my skills and knowledge in all areas.

Softwares and technologies I use:

Frameworks and Libraries
IDEs and editors
Operating Systems

Some of my works:

miniature projects I've made 👈(゚ヮ゚👈). Head over to the projects page for all projects.

Simple Calculator

Just a simple Calculator

Project I made as a beginner 2 years ago. Simple times :')

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Ping Pong

yet another ping pong game

More of my small projects. It has RGB!

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Rock Paper Scissors

minimlastic rock paper scissors

Made it when I was bored

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MineCraft Server Ping Bot Template

is a useful bot to get stats of your own minecraftserver in a few seconds.

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Do you know HTML well?

Test Your HTML knowledge inside your PC's terminal.

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Motivate Me

Are you demotivated?

use this command line tool to motivate yourself!

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Some Statistics:

Please dont judge me ._.